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Name:Sarah Lokaitis
Pageant name:Miss Pixietail
City/State:Springfield, Illinois

Food:Popcorn or Jelly Beans or A-1 Steak Sauce... Don't make me pick... I can't live with out all of them!
Drink:Vanilla Coke
5 Movies: Toy Story, A League of Their Own, Field of Dreams, Lilo And Stitch, and Batman
5 Bands:I much prefer solo artists but these are great bands: Rascal Flats, Steve Miller Band, Cheap Trick, Brooks and Dunn, Dixie Chicks
3 Books:The Harry Potter Series, The His Dark Material Series, A Little Princess

Hobbies: Could I be the next Pageant Wonder?.....Internet surfing, Coloring, Photography and Photo Editing, Singing, Finding Things for my Numerous Collections, Acting, and Reading
Best Feature (looks and personality): Looks: Lips Personality: That I can get along with about everyone because I have a little bit of everyone's personality. I'm a very genial person. :0)

Promotion to 1 other comunity: i_am_royalty
Promotion to 1 other user:shortcayke04

I don't have very good pictures on my computer, but I will get more later... I hope these will do until then!

Me playing with my digi cam

Me and my friend, Ross.... (Just ignore him ;0))

Me and some of the kids that I work with at a summer day camp...

Heheh... You shouldn't have put "At least 2...." because, even though I don't have many good ones, I ALWAYS go buck wild with posting pictures!!!

♥ Sarah
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