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Am I Worthy?

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<P><STRONG><FONT color=#6600cc><lj-cut=text"Could I Be the Next Pageant Wonder?"></FONT></STRONG></P> <P><STRONG><FONT color=#6600cc>Name:</FONT></STRONG> Vanessa Russell </P> <P><FONT color=#6600cc><STRONG>Pageant name:</STRONG></FONT> Ms. Hugs 'n' Kisses</P> <P><FONT color=#6600cc><STRONG>Age:</STRONG> </FONT>15 </P> <P><FONT color=#6600cc><STRONG>City/State:</STRONG> </FONT>Olympia, WA </P> <P><FONT color=#993399><FONT size=5><STRONG>Favorite...</STRONG> </FONT></FONT></P> <P><FONT color=#6600cc><STRONG>Food: </STRONG></FONT>Salad and Ice Cream....But Gret got me totally hooked on Wheat Thins! </P> <P><FONT color=#6600cc><STRONG>Drink:</STRONG> </FONT>Strawberry Smoothies! </P> <P><FONT color=#6600cc><STRONG>5 Movies:</STRONG> </FONT>50 First Dates, Where the heart is, While you were sleeping, XxX, and Pearl Harbor </P> <P><FONT color=#6600cc><STRONG>5 Bands:</STRONG> </FONT>Tim McGraw, The Warren Brothers, Keith Urban, Big&amp;Rich, and Brad Paisley...Yeah i LOVE country! I cant deny it!</P> <P><FONT color=#6600cc><STRONG>3 Books:</STRONG> </FONT>The Left Behind Series, Romeo and Juliet (i love shakespeare), and Holding On </P> <P><FONT color=#6600cc><STRONG>Hobbies:</STRONG> </FONT>Tennis, Shopping, Talking, Working Out, Running, Laughing, Riding quads and my uncles motorcycle, and Tubing behind our boat!&nbsp;I just love being outside! </P> <P><STRONG><FONT color=#6600cc>Best Feature (looks and personality):</FONT></STRONG> <FONT color=#cc33cc>Looks:</FONT> My Eyes! They are Big and BLUE! I love IT! <FONT color=#cc33cc>Personality</FONT>: I am really caring, i always try to put others first! </P> <P><STRONG><FONT color=#6600cc>Promotion to 1 other user</FONT></STRONG>: Jelly_Beans_4me </P> <P><STRONG><FONT color=#6600cc>Promotion to 1 community:</FONT></STRONG> vj_rate_o_meter </P> <P><FONT color=#ff0000><STRONG>Here are some pictures of me!&nbsp; I hope these will do, they are just some quick pics!!</STRONG></FONT></P> <P><IMG src=""></P> <P><IMG style="WIDTH: 139px; HEIGHT: 124px" height=116 src="" width=111>&nbsp;<IMG style="WIDTH: 144px; HEIGHT: 127px" height=117 src="D:\Documents and Settings\Vanessa Russell\My Documents\My Pictures\Me\Me 004.jpg" width=123>&nbsp; <IMG style="WIDTH: 141px; HEIGHT: 123px" height=111 src="D:\Documents and Settings\Vanessa Russell\My Documents\My Pictures\Me\Me 015.jpg" width=91></P> <P></lj-cut></P>
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